Here is your weekly issue of the CMB Market Pulse; complimentary market research from the Technology Practice of Chadwick Martin Bailey. The current Pulse series is Operating System Deployments in Organizations.

We asked IT Professionals which Smartphone and/or Tablet OS platform they plan on standardizing on in the next 24 months.

We found that in contrast to servers, desktops, laptops, and netbooks, the Smartphone OS landscape among US enterprises is anything but standardized.

As we’ve seen in past Pulse series on this same topic, Blackberry still has pole position in the race for the mobile business user with 53% reporting that their organization will be standardized on it over the next two years. IT professionals in particular have long preferred the Blackberry OS because of its relative security for data as RIM servers sit behind the firewall and integrate seamlessly with enterprise email systems. Users have long appreciated the Blackberry’s form factor and ability to receive email.

In contrast to past research, however, the Blackberry OS no longer has a lock on US enterprises. Fully 38% report strong momentum for the Windows Mobile OS in their company and a surprising 24% report widespread deployments of iPhones. Considering that Apple did not have a product in the mobile market 2 years ago, this is a huge leap forward for the company. Further, although the iPhone was developed largely for the consumer market (with application development, for example, focused on the needs of individuals as opposed to corporate lockdown needs), the iPhone has quickly moved from the back pocket of a consumer to the suit pocket of the corporate worker.


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